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JUMO heatTHERM S600 – Surface-Mounted Double Thermostat


  • Efficient startup
  • One central output for the thermowell
  • Temperature monitor (TW)
  • Safety temperature limiter (STB)
  • Self-monitoring through capillary break protection
  • Attractive visual design

Beneficio para el cliente

A 5-pole terminal strip and the easy-to-use wiring compartment reduces the wiring work.

Environmentally friendly
The environmental friendliness of the JUMO heatTHERM S600 is ensured by its cadmium-free structure and RoHS conformity.

Energy saving
No additional auxiliary energy is required for temperature measurement. For this reason, the electromechanical thermostat offers a decisive advantage.



  • Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning industry
  • Industrial applications


Thermostats control and monitor thermal processes. Surface-mounted double thermostats consist of 2 separate measuring and switching systems.

The device is available as a temperature monitor (TW) or safety temperature limiter (STB).

Surface-mounted double thermostats operate according to the liquid expansion principle. A microswitch is used as the electrical switching element. The temperature is measured by a temperature probe.