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JUMO variTRON 500 – Central Processing Unit for Automation System


  • Process mapping for all connected input and output modules (including controller module)
  • Display and keys to display the system status
  • 2 USB host interfaces
  • OPC UA server (in conjunction with PLC)
  • 9 program generators (in conjunction with PLC, as of system version xx)
  • 2 field bus interfaces
  • PROFINET IO controller (in conjunction with PLC) or device (device as of system version xx)
  • Plug and Play when replacing input and output modules
  • Battery-buffered RAM
  • Real-time clock


The central processing unit JUMO variTRON 500 is based on a new hardware platform with an 800 MHz processor. In the first expansion stage, this processor is used as quad core variant.
Due to the scalability of hardware and software, a modular, flexible, and above all sustainable hardware platform is available that is combined with a modern software architecture.

Based on this new platform, innovative operating concepts can now be implemented using state-of-the-art display technologies.
The advantages at a glance:
• High speed performance
• Flexible operating philosophy
• Modern communication interfaces (e.g. OPC UA and MQTT)
• Integration of various fieldbus systems such as PROFINET IO, EtherCAT, and Modbus TCP/RTU (based on CODESYS V3.5)
• Easy integration of new software functions via PLC (CODESYS V3.5)
• Availability of function and visualization libraries (as of system version xx)
• Easy adaptation of hardware inputs and outputs
• Support of a multi-plant principle
• Customized operation and visualization with up to 5 operator stations via CODESYS remote target visualization or web panels via web visualization (mixed operation is possible)
• Panels in various formats (portrait or landscape, 4:3 or 16:9)
• JUMO web diagnostics


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Setup JUMO variTRON

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CD-Version CODESYS V3.5 SP15 Patch 1

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Mathematik- und Logikmodul JUMO variTRON Consultar precio
SPS nach IEC 61131-3 (CODESYS V3) Consultar precio
Remote TargetVisu Consultar precio
WebVisu Consultar precio
PROFINET-Controller Consultar precio
OPC UA Server Consultar precio
Modbus TCP Master Consultar precio
Modbus TCP Slave Consultar precio
EtherCAT Master Consultar precio