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Water management is a field in which the challenges are numerous and becoming more acute by the day. Population growth, climate change, urbanization, and aging infrastructure are putting increasing pressure on our networks, and forcing us to rethink the way we consume, manage and treat water and wastewater.

To meet these ongoing and growing challenges, transformation is required to optimize processes and operational efficiency. In this transition, the digitalization of measurement and control systems and the digitization of data will undoubtedly take center stage. These new technologies will enable us to make informed decisions in an increasingly uncertain world.

Because we're aware of the challenges ahead, and because sustainability has always been part of JUMO's DNA, we invite you to join us at AQUARAMA for an overview of JUMO's latest innovations and to find out how our solutions can help you optimize your processes.

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The physical water treatment plant at Solapur (India).

The realized showcase project in Solapur

Drinking water treatment in India, a challenge met

Thanks to a network of intelligent JUMO digiLine sensors, water quality is continuously monitored.

To optimize the drinking water supply in the Indian city of Solapur, JUMO developed an online water monitoring system together with other partners.

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Bottoms Up: A Refreshing Pilsner to Celebrate JUMO's Anniversary

Why have someone else brew you a beer when you can build your own brewery?

As an innovative technology leader, JUMO has been supplying high-quality measurement and automation technology for the food industry for decades. So it was an obvious idea to have our own anniversary beer created for the 75th anniversary in 2023.

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The JUMO brewing plant is fully automated

The JUMO brewing plant is fully automated and measurements are made using JUMO instrumentation.

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