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JUMO heatTHERM P300 – 3-Phase Panel-Mounted Thermostat


  • 3-phase safety temperature limiter
  • Max. switching capacity 30 A, 480 V
  • Variable electrical connection options
  • Trip-free function
  • Capillary break monitoring

Beneficio para el cliente

Cost-effective safety technology

The switching capacity of 30 A, 480 V eliminates large investments in electronic safety technology such as power contactors.

Increased safety

The trip-free function allows the plant to be manually placed into a safe operating status by continuously pressing the reset button.

The capillary break protection allows the thermostat to also switch the plant into a safe operating status if the measuring system is defective.

Flexible and time-saving startup

Variable electrical connection options via screw connection, plug adapter (PUSH IN), or tab connector

Suitable for canteen kitchen use

The requirements of DIN EN 60730 are fulfilled.


Control and monitoring of thermal processes. For example:

  • In canteen kitchen technology
  • For deep fryers
  • For oven engineering
  • In heat pumps


Thermostats control and monitor thermal processes. The 3-phase JUMO heatTHERM P300 can switch outputs up to 480 V at 30 A. All phases are disconnected from the power grid simultaneously. The JUMO heatTHERM P300 is a safety temperature limiter (STB) which works according to the thermal expansion principle. In the event of a malfunction, the STB sets the plant being monitored to a safe operating status.