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JUMO dTRANS T07 – Two-Channel Temperature Transmitter with HART®/Ex/SIL (707080)


  • 2 universal measurement inputs (RTD, TC, Ω, mV)
  • High degree of accuracy (0.1 K with Pt100 sensor)
  • Output 4 to 20 mA (single channel, loop powered)
  • 2 enclosure versions (B-head or DIN rail)
  • HART® 7 protocol
  • SIL 2/3 hardware/software according to IEC 61 508
  • Reliable measurement mode through sensor monitoring and device hardware error detection
  • Optional plug-on display for B-head device version


  • Process industry
  • Thermal industry
  • Plant construction and mechanical engineering
  • Renewable energy


The JUMO dTRANS T07 device series is a two-channel temperature transmitter with HART® communication. The devices are available in 2 versions: for installation in a B-head or for DIN-rail mounting. The versions with Ex1and SIL approval (IEC 61508) for SIL 2/3 (hardware/software) enable reliable use in demanding process applications. The configurable transmitters transmit converted signals from RTD temperature probes and thermocouples (TC) as well as from resistor and voltage sensors to the galvanically isolated 4 to 20 mA current output. Internal sensor monitoring functions and device error detection enable a high degree of measuring point availability. An optional plug-on display can be used to display the current measured value on the B-head variant. The JUMO dTRANS T07 device series is tailor-made for all industries such as chemical, oil, gas, and power plants & energy as well all others in which safe and reliable temperature measurements are required.


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DTM JUMO dTRANS T07 B 707080

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JUMO dTRANS T07 - Device Description

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BD7 Anzeigeeinheit B Kopf für dTRANS T07 Consultar precio
FG7 Feldgehäuse für dTRANS T07 Consultar precio
AB7 Anschlusskopf für dTRANS T07 Consultar precio
MW7 Wandmontageset für Feldgehäuse Consultar precio
MR7 Rohrmontageset für Feldgehäuse Consultar precio
HART Módem USB Consultar precio
Soporte enroscable para riel de soporte Consultar precio
Ex-i repetición fuente de poder Consultar precio
pre-configuración dTRANS T07 Consultar precio

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