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JUMO MAERA S29 SW - Level Probe out of Titanium (404393)


  • Level probe for continuous level measurement in liquids
  • Measuring ranges: 100 mbar to 10 bar (1 mWS to 100 mWS)
  • Medium temperature: 0 to 50 °C
  • Piezoresistive silicon sensor
  • Accuracy: 0.3 % MSP (linearity)
  • Highly resistant to chemicals through titanium version
  • Approved for use in ships according to DNV GL
  • Explosion protection according to ATEX
  • Resistant to climate due to improved moisture and vibration protection
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • High overload resistance
  • Reverse-polarity protection

Beneficio para el cliente

  • Process reliability

The core of the level probe is a piezoresistive titanium measuring cell, which features high overload resistance and which is particularly stable in the long term, reliable, and temperature-resistant. The version out of titanium also assures a high chemical resistance so that this version can be used in media containing chloride. Maximum security during startup is guaranteed by a reverse polarity protection that protects the measuring device against damages.

  • Permitted

The level probe is certified for the demands in shipbuilding and for offshore applications. In addition, it is also suitable for explosion proof areas.



Level and filling level measurement

  • In ballast tanks used in shipbuilding
  • In the wastewater industry
  • In splash water containers for swimming pool technology
  • In media containing chloride


The JUMO MAERA S29 SW level probe is used for the continuous hydrostatic level measurement in liquids. Filling heights between 1 mWS and 100 mWS (water column) can be achieved in ventilated tanks.
When the level probe is immersed into a liquid, a liquid column emerges above the probe. The liquid column increases as the probe is immersed deeper into the liquid and creates a hydrostatic pressure on the measuring system by the force of its weight. The measured pressure is transmitted as a standard signal. The signal is linearly proportional to the rising liquid column.
The surrounding pressure is achieved through a special cable with an integrated pressure equalization hose. Any variations in air pressure are therefore automatically compensated and the surrounding pressure is taken into account.
The measurement takes place without being influenced by medium properties or any foam formation. Approvals are available for the special requirements in shipbuilding and explosion protection. The cost-optimized titanium level probe with a front-flush membrane offers an alternative in highly viscous media. The screwable protective cap protects the membrane.

Further information on our level probes from the JUMO MAERA series can be found in the brochure "Level Probes – Hydrostatic Level and Filling Level Measurement" in the Documentation category.
Further technical information is available in the Documentation category.

Instrucciones de montaje
[de] JUMO MAERA S29 SW – Pegelsonde aus Titan oder Edelstahl [en] JUMO MAERA S29 SW – Titanium or stainless steel level probe [fr] JUMO MAERA S29 SW – Sonde de niveau en titane ou en acier inoxydable [da] JUMO MAERA S29 SW – Niveausonde af titan eller rustfrit stål [fi] JUMO MAERA S29 SW – Tasoanturi titaania tai ruostumatonta terästä [it] JUMO MAERA S29 SW – Sonda di livello in titanio o acciaio inox [hr] JUMO MAERA S29 SW – Sonda za mjerenje razine od titanaili nehrđajućeg ... [nl] JUMO MAERA S29 SW – Niveausensor van titanium of roestvast staal [no] JUMO MAERA S29 SW – Nivåsonde av titan eller rustfritt stål [ro] JUMO MAERA S29 SW – Sondă de nivel din titan sau oțel inoxidabil [ru] JUMO MAERA S29 SW – Зонд уровня из титана илинержавеющей стали [sv] JUMO MAERA S29 SW – Nivåsond av titan eller rostfritt stål [es] JUMO MAERA S29 SW – Sonda ne nivel de titanio o acero inoxidable
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