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Router Module 3-Port – Module for the JUMO variTRON Automation System (705042)


  • Compatible with JUMO variTRON as of system version 3
  • Decentralized module assignment supported
  • First module on an additional DIN rail for connecting further modules
  • System bus expansion via RJ45 sockets on the front (1 × Bus In, 2 × Bus Out)
  • Galvanic isolation of the system bus connections
  • Supply of operating voltage
  • Quick wiring of operating voltage and system bus achieved by simply plugging the modules together


The router module 3-port (705042) is a system component of the JUMO variTRON automation system. The router module 3-port is the first module to be mounted on a separate DIN rail and provides 1 system bus input and 2 outputs on the front. The maximum distance between 2 router modules is 100 m. A maximum of 30 router modules and more than 30 input and output modules (depending on the module) can be used in a system. LEDs are used to indicate the voltage supply and the operating status of the module. The electrical connection of the voltage supply for the router module is made on the front via a removable terminal strip. Configuration of the router module 3-port is not required. It is integrated into the automation system by a setup program. For service purposes the module insert can be easily pulled out of the housing at the front. The housing, including the bus board, remains mounted on the DIN rail.