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Clean room monitoring

How to save time and money, thanks to perfect humidity and temperature measurement:

If you want to be able to ignore external influences when producing sensitive products, you need reproducible climatic conditions in your clean room. With the capacitive hygrothermal transducers of the 907027 series, you can stipulate humidity and temperature with just one instrument. Intelligent, interchangeable probes with internal calibration data storage and a calibration report, allow the sensors to be changed within seconds if required, without any loss of accuracy. Probes for humidity and temperature can be supplied separately and used, together with the calibration keys integrated in the instrument, to implement the loop calibration recommended by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Useful accessories such as 2.5 or 10 m long sensor extensions, a duct installation kit or reference probes for checking the measuring loop, increase flexibility, ease of installation and reliability.

JUMO Engineering

JUMO not only offers a comprehensive product portfolio for measurement and control technology, we also operate as a system provider which develops complete solutions for you. Our engineering team supports you from the requirement specification to the implementation of your cleanroom.

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