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Water and wastewater treatment

Water is crucial on ships. It needs to be handled – either through treatment or storage – and sometimes fresh water needs to be gained from sea water. JUMO pH, conductivity, pressure, and level sensors support the process while at the same time ensuring that the water is of a consistently high quality.

Pressure measurement before reverse osmosis

The crucial element in seawater desalination plants is the reverse osmosis (RO) unit. During reverse osmosis, the seawater is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane at high pressure. This membrane acts like a filter and only allows certain ions and molecules to pass through. Because seawater has such high salinity, a pressure of 60 to 80 bar is required. To ensure safe sytem operation, the pressure before reverse osmosis must be monitored. The obvious choice for this task is the JUMO MIDAS C18SW pressure transmitter.

Wastewater treatment

Depending on the size of the ship, wastewater is either stored or processed directly on board. The vessels that store waste dispose of it in the appropriate waste disposal facilities that are available at ports. Ships that handle wastewater directly use either membrane or biological treatment. A level measurement in all systems is a necessary device to prevent overflow. The pH-value and conductivity measurement is necessary to check the water quality before and after the water treatment in both systems. You can measure, control, record, adn display all tasks of the water and wastewater treatment.

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