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JUMO plastoSENS T03 – Steam-Tight Plastic Temperature Probe (904003)


• For temperatures from 0 to 150 °C
• Protection type IP69K – steam-tight even at the cable outlet
• Absolute leak-tightness – through injection molding process the applied special plastics
  form a substance-to-substance bond which guarantees the steam tightness
• Application areas: autoclaves, steam sterilizers, CIP and SIP cleaning
  (depending on the type of applied chemicals)


The combination of moisture, pressure, and high temperatures causes sensor stress in sterilization applications. Leak-tightness often constitutes a problem for conventional probes. Even for these special applications, the JUMO plastoSENS T03 plastic temperature probes provide the solution. The reason here is that special plastics form a substance-to-substance bond during the injection molding process. That way, the manufacturing process allows a safe connection at the particularly critical point where the cable outlet comes out of the probe resulting in leak-tightness according to protection rating IP69K. This is especially important as the probe is completely located inside the chamber during the sterilization process. Here, redundant measurement through the use of 2 sensing elements ensures the necessary reliability in the sterilization process.
Per default, a Pt1000 according to DIN EN 60751:2009 / IEC 60751:2008 with tolerance class B (F0.3) in two-wire circuit is used as the temperature sensor. Versions with Pt100 or other temperature sensors are also possible.