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JUMO plastoSENS T02 – Vibration-Resistant Plastic Temperature Probe (904002)


• For temperatures from -40 to +180 °C
• Vibration and shock-resistant
• Shock-resistant – thanks to temperature sensor that is completely surrounded by plastic
• Can be used in almost all liquids – even in chemicals
• High-performance plastic favors low natural frequency in case of oscillation, resulting in higher
  load capacity for the temperature probe
• Breakage resistance due to stable temperature sensor
• Can be used for motor oils, fuels, battery acids, AdBlue®, etc.


Particularly harsh environmental influences occur in moving components such as vehicle motors or machines. The largest problem for precise temperature measurement is vibration. Placing the temperature sensor in the probe tube so that it is in a secure position where it can withstand the prevailing vibrations can often be very complex with conventional probes. The sensor in the JUMO plastoSENS T02 is completely enclosed in plastic so that this especially developed variant of the temperature probe offers extremely high vibration resistance. Due to the use of different plastics in the basic type 904002/30, the temperature probe has different zones of heat dissipation. A high heat conducting plastic on the temperature sensor results in a quick response time while a plastic with low heat conductivity on the cable outlet ensures that only a minor heat conduction error occurs.
Per default, a Pt1000 according to DIN EN 60751:2009 / IEC 60751:2008 with tolerance class B (F0.3) in two-wire circuit is used as the temperature sensor. Versions with Pt100 or other temperature sensors are also possible.